July 12, 2018


His Eye is On the Sparrow: What you didn't know about my creation process

But the thing you may not have known behind the social media sharing and the long-progress of this artwork:

This may have been one of the most challenging artworks and most challenging seasons of my life and career as an artist thus far. 

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June 01, 2018


Join me at TEDx MileHigh -- Again!

Since giving my first talk, I continue to receive numerous comments, messages, and emails from people-- especially students, teachers and parents -- who have shared with me the value they have found in my talk. It has been shared in thousands of classrooms, homeschool co-ops, and handwriting communities around the nation. Thank you all! I believe the reason for the success of this talk has nothing to do with me, but the personal legacy handwriting carries for each individual.

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September 05, 2017


Our Denver Staycation: Kimpton Born Hotel and Citizen Rail Dining

My wife and I and our daughter recently enjoyed a staycation in our home city of Denver. Hannah and I usually have ample opportunity to travel throughout the year, but with our little girl born in May, we have found ourselves at home adjusting to our new family routine. Needless to say, it was nice to get out of our normal scene and enjoy Denver's Union Station neighborhood while we stayed at the city's newest Kimpton Hotel Born - over my birthday weekend, no less! 

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September 01, 2017


Exclusive Interview with Goulet Pens

I'm honored to be featured as a 'Goulet Guest' over on the Goulet Pens Blog. If you're in the fountain pen world, you probably know the Goulets! They are special people who I've had the honor of getting to know as I dip my toes in the fountain pen community.

In this interview, I sit down with Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens at the 2017 DC Fountain Pen Show and talk about my artistic journey, giving insights into my work as a Master Penman. I hope you follow the link above to read the blog alongside the interview!



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July 13, 2017


Emma Jane & Her Swan

Just like I knew I wanted to carve a set of wings for my bride long before I met my wife, I always knew I wanted to carve a swan cradle for my firstborn. So, when my wife and I found out the wonderful news that we were expecting our baby girl - Emma Jane- in May 2017, my hands started in on the long stirrings of my heart. 

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February 20, 2017


The Romance of the Pen

Valentine’s Day is upon us and I am a hopeless romantic with a pen – brace yourself!

I happen to think, with every bias admitted, that calligraphy is the most romantic art form ever invented; words of love established by passion, stroked with affection, and adorned with beauty are sent through the eyes as beams of light to the soul.

Calligrapher or not, everyone has the ability to romance their beloved through the power of writing.


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January 31, 2017


Feathers & Flourishes: Jake Weidmann Gives Traditional Bird Flourishing New Life

While there have been countless subjects depicted through flourishing, birds have risen to the top as the favorite subject of the pen flourisher throughout the ages. Birds are the icon of grace and whimsy. “They’re a great subject to depict with the fine strokes of the pen because of their aerodynamic form,” says Jake, my bird flourishing expert. “Birds are full of life, and that vitality can easily be given to the bird on paper through flourishing. The art form matches the subject.”

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