Feathers in Flight

My latest work consists of trading off between a chisel and a paintbrush. I've occupied my mornings with a cool slate of marble, and my afternoons have yielded quiet strokes of the brush. 

This is my second largest painting to date, right behind Indivisible, and I've had fun playing with larger-than-life flourishes coming off this bird-in-flight. 

I'm using oil paint to create my bird. I love the way oil reflects light and life. I've found oil painting to be such a powerful medium in that it brings to life what once did not exist.

 You'll notice I'm using a funny looking brush to paint the flourishes of my bird. I've used this technique before in that I mix together pinstriping paint to create fluid lines. I use a squirrel hair pinstriping brush that gives me the proper control I need to make perfect, flowing strokes. This has become a frequented technique I use within my art as much of my style incorporates the traditional calligraphic off-hand flourishing, often times at a large scale.

For anyone wondering what kind of bird I'm painting, it is the White Breasted Nuthatch, a small songbird found in North America. I've loved depicting this bird in a unique flying position and bringing to life his blue-hued feathers.

This piece is coming together and will soon be finished, available for purchase as a limited edition in the online gallery! Details of sizes and pricing will be announced upon completion. But before that happens, I'll be painting on the dots along the flourishes and looking through a microscope to paint the final details of the feathers...




At 61 I am just now beginning my life as an artist. Unlike you I lacked the courage to live my dream – so I’ve worked in a factory all my life. I just want you to know how very inspiring I find you and your work. You make me believe in myself. Thank you Jake.

C.M.Ralph June 20, 2016

I am in awe of your work. Looking at your drawings and writing gives me goosebumps every time. Though I know your talent is a rarity, I sincerely hope this art lives through many more generations to come..

Sarah April 28, 2016

Jake’s work is really beautiful, but I would like more information about his calligraphy.

Bob Rose February 16, 2016

Your work is inspiring. I am thankful for your dedication to being faithful.

Levi Linville February 06, 2016

Thank you for sharing your inspiring process, It makes me work harder at my calligraphy and art. God has given you a gift and I am sure it blesses Him that you are using it so fruitfully……not many artists can have the joy of doing what they love for a living and being acknowledged for their art as you are…. what a nice wife doing your networking for you….Pax Judi

Judi Hopewell Nanaimo BC February 06, 2016

I already left a comment…but it must not have reached you…???
I love the delicate artistry and mastery of your painting and the enriching, exquisite, fine, ethereal lines of calligraphy added to make it look so majestic and regal, almost like a bird of paradise. Absolutely fantastic.

Gerhard A. Fuerst February 05, 2016

Always so intensely beautiful!

Sweetbryar February 05, 2016

wowsa. This is beyond magnificent………

Margaret Deemer February 05, 2016

… do you pencil in guides for your flourishes or just (pardon the pun) wing them?

cdylan February 05, 2016

The explanation of how the piece is created makes it all the more extraordinary and loved. Thank you.

Robin Beyer February 05, 2016

I’m taking Transformation in today for framing! Grateful for your art.

Susan Gaines February 05, 2016

Please email when your ready to take orders. I would like to purchase a copy.

james February 05, 2016

I’m speechless at your talent and imagination. I wish I could buy it (and one of your awesome hand carved nib holders). I’m sure it will find a happy home. Thanks for sharing

Sandra D in Joliet February 05, 2016

Thanks, Hannah. This second try was successful. It is fascinating to be able to witness Jake the creative genius, the devoted artist, the master craftsman, the skilled artisan at work.
It is totally mesmerizing to see his art come to life! I am more than impressed! Wow what a treat!
Greetings, Gerhard

Gerhard A. Fuerst February 05, 2016

Beautiful work! Thank you for the images which beyond the wonders of your workmanship it depicts the love and joy you are experiencing placing the strokes of the Nuthatch. And thank you for the detailed descriptions of your techniques and the tools you have used, which helps the artists among us to appreciate your process even more.

Reza Mostmand February 04, 2016

I have never had such an emotional response to any art as I do to yours … particularly your birds. When I first saw “Transformation,” I had to catch my breath. To say I admire your attention to detail would be despicable understatement … your work is perfection. Your diligence and persistence and passion and commitment to each piece are just inspirational. I am so excited for the revealing of this bird in flight … thank you for doing what do you. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful; my heart can barely stand it.

Kira Brown February 02, 2016

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