A Work of Heart

"Humming a Love Song" is my most popular, most readily recognized piece by the people who follow my work. We always have orders for this piece being shipped out of the studio. It makes for a beautiful gift for weddings, anniversaries, romantic holidays, special birthdays, etc.

This is also the piece I get the most comments on. People will email me and ask for the story behind this piece, or simply contact me to tell me how this piece was purchased as a gift and that they were so excited to gift it. I love that! I love that this piece has spoken to so many couples and individuals at a heart level and that they believe in its message enough to weave it into their own love story. 

What most people don't know about this piece is how large the original actually is. It is one of my largest off-hand flourishing pieces to date, standing at 32" x 40" using acrylic and gouache to bring these birds to life in their mutual adoration toward one another. 

Pictured below, my wife, Hannah, holds up one of the limited editions from our "Humming a Love Song" series. This reproduction is the same size as the original- a rarity in the art world! This large size allows this piece sing a new song, breathe life into a room while keeping the life-sized flourishes intact.

You'll notice that I've depicted these hummingbirds, male and female, in a dynamic pose that displays the poetry of their movements; their two bodies entangling themselves in one another's flourishes. Becoming one.

Whenever I give private tours at the studio, I like to tell people that these hummingbirds are a beautiful depiction of falling in love - and afterward pointing to "Indivisible," which depict being in love (another large flourishing piece depicting mirroring zebras, pictured below). While the hummingbirds are consumed in their delight, facing no one but each other, the two zebras are a complimentary contrast as they stand back to back, flourishing from their oneness, fighting for their love. After all, the coined phrase for this piece goes:

Alone We Perish,

Together We Flourish.

You'll also notice that both pieces have a heart within the pairs. Squint your eyes just slightly and you'll see an illuminated heart in the zebras, while the bodies of the two hummingbirds is the heart. A heart with wings! A heart that sings!

It was only after I'd finished "Indivisible," that I noticed a heart makes an appearance in this piece.  All of my work take on lives of their own at some point, and these ones certainly did; curating themselves into themes and messages that I myself learn from. It's the most humbling thing as an artist when I allow the message of the work to first speak to me. When I do, I can better articulate its message to others, and even then, I'm still learning.

You can purchase the largest size of "Humming a Love Song" (before we sell out) by clicking HERE. Be sure to click the toggle on the size to get a drop-down menu of the varying options available for purchase.

You can also purchase from the limited edition series of "Indivisible" by clicking HERE and following the same instructions above for sizing. The two largest sizes belong to limited editions, meaning they are signed and numbered, while the smallest is an unlimited reproduction, which are not assigned a number or unique second artist signature.



Patsy Burroughs
Patsy Burroughs

July 31, 2016

Both are so beautiful and inspire and rejuvenate the soul. Your talent is God given, no doubt.

Gerhard A. Fuerst
Gerhard A. Fuerst

July 30, 2016

Superb work!
Delicately detailed, delightfully, masterfully done…
Alas, my walls are filled with art…
and I do not have a magic wand…
to make more space in this art-loving place…
However, continue to keep me posted…
Meanwhile, your are being hailed,
highly respected, much admired,
widely featured and feted,
sincerely and gratefully greeted,
most lovingly praised and toasted!
Gerhard A. Fuerst

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