Indivisible Individuals

            Ever wonder why zebras have stripes? This question baffled biologists for years. Stark against their surroundings, zebras’ stripes stand out to its lion predator who sees only in black and white. It’s unlikely that the zebra would ever find protection from skirting dangers like these, unless, of course, he’s sticking with his herd.

            When I began to contemplate the idea of designing a flourished horse, I realized that God already did. Thus my research of zebras ensued after deciding I would depict God’s flourished horse and the message in the mystery of their stripes.

            Alone, the zebra stands out, vulnerable to a deadly chase. But when the zebra dwells within his herd, their stripes work together to elude their enemies, making it nearly impossible to find an individual point of attack. So what does God say to his Crown of Creation through the zebra?

  Alone we perish.
Together we flourish.

            Executed in life-size scale, Indivisible binds two bodies in traditional off-hand flourishing stripes to illustrate the overwhelming impact of many over the independence of one.

Putting on the final touches at the studio (above).

Celebrating Denver Union Station at the Great Hall Gala, 2014. A giclee print of Indivisible was curated into the lobby of the new Crawford Hotel as a permanent installation .

The original Indivisible resides at my studio-home in Englewood, CO.

Click here to purchase a limited edition print of Indivisible.

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