Jake Weidmann & the Apple Pencil

“We need to stop putting technology and handwriting in opposing corners.” — Jake Weidmann

It was this time last year that the work of Master Penman Jake Weidmann was displayed in every Apple store worldwide. Though we had been working closely with Apple for months in advance, we were still in total amazement to see the fruition of his work all lit up and magnified for millions to see.

In promotion of the iPad Pro and introduction of the Apple Pencil, Jake and I were contacted at the end of summer 2015. One email, a few signed papers and 20 minutes of conversation later, Jake and I were on our way to Apple headquarters.

The scope of the project involved five other artists from around the world to test out the iPad Pro and the brand new Apple Pencil. In the end, only some of the artists would be featured in the Apple commercial and even fewer invited back for demo purposes at the 2015 Keynote to be held in San Francisco.

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