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C.S. Lewis & the Untamed Lion
C.S. Lewis & the Untamed Lion $ 300.00
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Little Sparrow
Little Sparrow $ 100.00
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Single Stroke
Single Stroke from $ 150.00
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Indivisible from $ 50.00
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It Is Well
It Is Well $ 200.00 $ 250.00
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Of Smoke and Sea
Of Smoke and Sea $ 300.00
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Semblance from $ 150.00
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The Sojourner's Rose
The Sojourner's Rose from $ 50.00
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"You cannot honor the past by repeating it. You honor the past by giving it new life and relevance in our modern age."

I am a professional artist and certified Master Penman in Denver, CO. The youngest in history among twelve existing Masters today, I received my Master Penman certificate through the International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) in July of 2011. I work across numerous mediums in art and calligraphy and I am most well known for my use of traditional calligraphic flourishing and hand lettering in the context of my fine art.




A Work of Heart

July 21, 2016

It was only after I'd finished "Indivisible," that I noticed a heart makes an appearance in both pieces.  All of my work take on lives of their own at some point, and these ones certainly did; curating themselves into themes and messages that I myself learn from. It's the most humbling thing as an artist when I allow the message of the work to first speak to me. When I do, I can better articulate its message to others, and even then, I'm still learning.

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Behind Genesis: the first in Weidmann's upcoming 'Books of the Bible' series

July 20, 2016

Though many people and organizations have put their hands to its parts over the years, it is known that a single artist has not illuminated the entirety of the Bible for over 400 years- until now. We believe this collaboration of the Word and Jake Weidmann has been ordained for such a time as this.

Genesis is the first of Weidmann's 66 Books of the Bible series. We hope you join us on this exciting adventure.

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How to Care For and Conserve Your Jake Weidmann Art

July 04, 2016

Our collectors understand Legacy.  They know an heirloom when they see one.

 Our collectors understand Craftsmanship. They know that every detail from conception to execution matters. 

That's why every art piece from the JW studio is created with the highest-rated archival materials and our reproductions are executed with the same time-tested quality. 

So, Collectors - and Soon-To-Be Collectors,  we have listed six important ways to care for your art to ensure that it lasts for generations to come.

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