Master Penman

I received my certificate as Master Penman in July 2011. I am one of eleven existing Masters today and the youngest by three decades and the youngest ever to attain the title. Calligraphy is the "special sauce" to everything I create as I incorporate traditional calligraphic flourishing into the context of my fine art.

TED Talk No. 1

Why Write? Penmanship for the 21st Century

My first TEDx Talk explores the connections between the pen and how we learn, think, and carry our cultural heritage at a time when the very act of writing is being dropped from school curricula across the country.

Coors HUMAN series

Penmanship goes viral

A micro documentary, HUMAN,  sponsored by Coors Banquet featuring my work receives 2 million views in one week. This might be how you found yourself here as a huge number of people began following my work after this video.

Apple Inc.

Artist with the Apple Pencil

Apple Inc. invited my old-world techniques to the tech table when they asked me to collaborate with them on the premier of the Apple Pencil and iPadPro. I created content exclusively for Apple and attended the Apple Keynote as a demonstrator for the features of both products in San Francisco, 2015.

Speaking event


Invited to speak to a group of Pixar animators about my creative process, my wildest dreams come true as I meet the makers of many of our childhood memories.

Featured on PBS

A Craftsman's Legacy

A Craftsman’s Legacy, in its third season on public television inspiring viewers with the power of craft and American ingenuity, will feature a profile of Denver-based master pen maker.

Ted talk No. 2

The revolution of craft

Modern American consumers want cheap goods and more, more, more. But there’s a growing revolution of craftsmen, and an appreciation for extremely well crafted, high value works made to last years, decades, and lifetimes.

online class

Fundamentals of Flourishing

After teaching calligraphy all around the world, I'm teaching my first online class: Fundamentals of Flourishing. It's the perfect place for beginners and long-time wielders of the pen. Sign up for exclusive first looks at academy.jakeweidmann.com

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