The Weidmann Rose: a backstory and interview with the artist

Jake and I contributed to Issue 14.2: Created To Create of the Conversations Journal, a Christian publication out of Richmont Graduate University. Jake answered a few questions about his faith and art while I wrote an article explaining the breadth and depth of Jake's original design, 'The Sojourner's Rose.' There is no official place to view our contribution online so we have made the image versions available to you here in our blog.

We hope you enjoy!

 You can find more on the recent development of Jake's 'Sojourner's Rose'  by clicking here.

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Nancy Schacht
Nancy Schacht

May 20, 2017

I absolutely love your work. I am 55 years old and as a kid had an interest in pen and ink because my dad was learning how to draw in ink through the mail. Is there anywhere I can go to learn to write like this in New York?

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