December 30, 2016

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The Weidmann Rose: a backstory and interview with the artist

Jake and I contributed to Issue 14.2: Created To Create of the Conversations Journal, a Christian publication out of Richmont Graduate University. Jake answered a few questions about his faith and art while I wrote an article explaining the breadth and depth of Jake's original design, 'The Sojourner's Rose.'

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December 02, 2016


Jake Weidmann & the Apple Pencil

It was this time last year that the work of Master Penman Jake Weidmann was displayed in every Apple store worldwide. Though we had been working closely with Apple for months in advance, we were still in total amazement to see the fruition of his work all lit up and magnified for millions to see.

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July 21, 2016


A Work of Heart

It was only after I'd finished "Indivisible," that I noticed a heart makes an appearance in both pieces.  All of my work take on lives of their own at some point, and these ones certainly did; curating themselves into themes and messages that I myself learn from. It's the most humbling thing as an artist when I allow the message of the work to first speak to me. When I do, I can better articulate its message to others, and even then, I'm still learning.

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July 20, 2016


Behind Genesis: the first in Weidmann's upcoming 'Books of the Bible' series

Though many people and organizations have put their hands to its parts over the years, it is known that a single artist has not illuminated the entirety of the Bible for over 400 years- until now. We believe this collaboration of the Word and Jake Weidmann has been ordained for such a time as this.

Genesis is the first of Weidmann's 66 Books of the Bible series. We hope you join us on this exciting adventure.

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July 04, 2016


How to Care For and Conserve Your Jake Weidmann Art

Our collectors understand Legacy.  They know an heirloom when they see one.

 Our collectors understand Craftsmanship. They know that every detail from conception to execution matters. 

That's why every art piece from the JW studio is created with the highest-rated archival materials and our reproductions are executed with the same time-tested quality. 

So, Collectors - and Soon-To-Be Collectors,  we have listed six important ways to care for your art to ensure that it lasts for generations to come.

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June 22, 2016


From the Studio

From the Weidmann studio, we're sharing the process of how we package each order with perfection. From the purchase to the delivery, each detail is significant.

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February 02, 2016


Feathers in Flight

My latest work consists of trading off between a chisel and a paintbrush. I've occupied my mornings with a cool slate of marble, and my afternoons have yielded quiet strokes of the brush. 

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