How to Care For and Conserve Your Jake Weidmann Art

Have you recently purchased from the Jake Weidmann Gallery? We have listed six important ways to care for your art so that it lasts for generations to come.


How to Care For and Conserve Your Jake Weidmann Art: 

1. Please be sure to survey the outside of your packaged art for any damages that may have occurred while shipping. Once you remove the art from the tube (see below for careful instructions) please inspect the quality. We ship everything from our studio with the utmost care and want you to be the proud owner of a pristine Jake Weidmann art. We do not replace art that has been damaged in mishandling by the recipient. If there are any questions or concerns on the quality of your art, please email with photos of your packaged goods attached.

"Consuming Fire." Acrylic and airbrush.

2. Immediately remove your print(s) from the tube. Start by uncapping the top end and carefully remove the packing material. Your art will be rolled in brown paper and thin paper/plastic covering over the print itself. Gingerly remove the tape from the brown paper and again on the plastic or thin paper covering. Be sure your art has enough space to uncurl. You want to let it uncurl on its own and depending on how long the art have been rolled (approximately 2 to 4 days).

** Please note if you are taking your art to a framer quickly following its arrival, you can return the art to its tube after carefully inspecting it to avoid any damage during transportation. We highly suggest arranging to get it framed as soon as possible. Do NOT keep your art rolled in its original tube for long-term storage. **

"Birds of a Feather." Pen and Ink.

3.  We highly suggest taking your art to a professional framer. They will know how to best care for and conserve your art and they will have great suggestions and options for how to best frame your piece. Ask your framer to inform you about different frames, glass, matting, and fillets. We suggest UV-protectant glass. The rest is up to you! 

"Semblance." Pen and Ink.

4. Handle the art only by the edges with clean hands (preferably with clean white cotton gloves). Be gentle. Do not touch the inked portion of your art. The oils from your hands can affect the PH of the paper and reduce the archival qualities. Images reproduced with darker pigments are more fragile, therefore, more susceptible to damage due to mishandling. Fingerprints on dark areas will show up as sheen. 

"Mightier." Pen and Ink.

5. Use two hands to support the art so it will not bend. A crease in the art is permanent. Do not use your hands to wipe off any dust, this can scratch the surface. Use a soft-bristled brush, if necessary.

"Undefeated." Colored Pencil.

6. Do not hang your art in direct sunlight or above heating elements. Long hours of sun exposure and heat will shorten the vibrant life of your art and will cause fading/discoloration over time.

"Colorado Native." Pen and Ink.


Please send any and all further inquiries concerning the care and conservation of your Jake Weidmann art to

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