The Romance of the Pen

Valentine’s Day is upon us and I am a hopeless romantic with a pen – brace yourself!

I happen to think, with every bias admitted, that calligraphy is the most romantic art form ever invented; words of love established by passion, stroked with affection, and adorned with beauty are sent through the eyes as beams of light to the soul.

Calligrapher or not, everyone has the ability to romance their beloved through the power of writing.


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natalie latchman
natalie latchman

June 08, 2017

From the first time my eyes fell on this art and every time I look at a piece of fine calligraphy I fall deeper in love. I only wished I had fallen in love earlier.


March 07, 2017

I’m so glad I discovered your site. You are incredibly talented and have given me a new inspiration to continue the study of calligraphy and pen and ink drawing!

Pam Lee
Pam Lee

February 24, 2017

You are a true inspiration. I love your work Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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