Tools of the Trade: Painting (with shoppable links)

My "Tools of the Trade" blog series have been some of my most popular blog posts to date! I'm excited to be sharing with you all the various tools I use to create in each medium I work in. 

Today, I'm diving into what essentials I use in my painting studio. In my list of favorites, you'll find my go-to (affordable!) brushes, my favorite liquin and a great starter set for basic oil paints, plus the tools I use to stretch my own canvases.

Fidelity Bound

Painting has been a beautiful medium to explore and one that I have grown in immensely over the years. So much of what I have learned I have taught myself but I have studied and admired the works of classical painters since the beginning of my career.


In my early years, I used more acrylic based paints and as my skill progressed, I moved into oil paints exclusively. I have loved working with oils as the colors are more vibrant than that of acrylic. Oil paints are full of life and dimension and really aid an artwork in color depth as well. 


Some of the earlier works you'll see in my online gallery here are a mixed medium of acrylic and gouache (Humming a Love Song) or altogether acrylic (Consuming Fire, Crucified King, Living Water, Indivisible). But my later works (Ascension, Immanuel, Transformation, Genesis, Fidelity) are all oil paintings. These works are large in scale, both their originals and limited reproductions, so I encourage you to take a look at their dimensions in their listing here in my gallery. 

Browse my painting essentials and I'd love to answer your questions if you don't find them answered here in my list of tools. 

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