Artful Tour of the Mile High City feat. Denver Union Station's Crawford Hotel

It's a huge honor to have been asked to stay with the Crawford Hotel, and over my birthday weekend, no less! Located in the recently renewed historic Denver Union Station, the Crawford was artfully designed by Colorado's greatest thinkers and craftsmen and women, keeping the integrity and rich western history intact as they reopen the building and the surrounding facilities for the modern traveler.

Denver Union Station just celebrated its five year anniversary in July 2019 since its grand re-opening (my wife and I attended the celebratory gala back in 2014). Just to give a brief context and for my personal connection to the station: my artwork Indivisible was curated as part of the Crawford Hotel's permanent art collection back in 2014. When we celebrated the five year anniversary, I was honored that a framed version of my limited edition Denver Logo was a prize offered to the guests attending the birthday event.

While professionally I am tied to the station, it also holds personal ties for me in more ways than one as it is one of my absolute favorite spots in all of Denver and I hold a familial connection here as well which I'll share later in the blog...

So, in honor of the beautiful Crawford Hotel and the love for my hometown of the Mile High City, I'm sharing some of my favorite features of the Crawford and the surrounding area. If you're a local or just passing through, you'll need to check out some of these Denver gems.

Crawford Hotel

One of our favorite features of the hotel rooms is that they have diffusers! Gotta love Colorado's value on health and wellness.

These are the original blueprints of Denver's Union Station which, to my knowledge, are on loan for display purposes in the Crawford Hotel. I loved getting up close to these as they showcase the old-style architectural lettering that makes each one of these an invaluable, archival art piece. 

One of the works by fellow Denver artist, curated at the hotel. 

If you visit the station's coffee shop, Pigtrain, which I mention a little later, you'll find this second edition of the Station's history and art book which features my piece, yet again, and shows an amazing photo of the install in the Crawford lobby! 


The Cooper Lounge

By far a favorite place to spend a special occasion...or just to hang out. It really caters to an enjoyable evening, no matter the cause for celebration: birthday, anniversary, the close to another day at work. The thing that I love most about the Cooper Lounge is the aesthetic appeal that marries well with the station's art deco feel. Not to mention some of the best old-style cocktails.

I mentioned earlier that I have a familial tie to the station: my cousin, Robert (Bobby) Weidmann, an artist and craftsman himself, designed and executed a pair of pillar-like walls here at the Cooper Louge which overlook the Grand Hall of the station.


Urban Farmer

Across the street from Union Station is a restaurant called Urban Farmer which was recommended by several people around the station and, well, we weren't disappointed. This was the first time I ever had a flight of steaks and wine pairing. If you're in LoDo and you're a meat lover, you gotta try it!

Milkbox Ice Creamery + Pigtrain Coffee

When you're a guest at the Crawford, there's free ice cream and coffee involved. It was the perfect duo for my wife and I after walking around LoDo and enjoying the vibrant nightlife around the station. 


The city surrounding the Station here in the Mile High City is growing with grace, beauty and a bend toward good food, good coffee and an appreciation for history and the arts.

Thank you so much to Denver Union Station's Crawford Hotel for a truly unforgettable staycation. We gain a deeper love for our mountain-backdrop city each time we're here for occasions such as this. Until next time!


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