JW 2019 Artful Gift Guide

The first-ever Artful Gift Guide is HERE! This time of year there are so many places to search for the ultimate gift and I wanted to provide a guide that would help you find the perfect gift for the person who appreciates well-made, beautiful items whether they're an artist or writer, a collector of art, and even for those who enjoy a crafted cup of coffee!

Below you'll find "My Favorite Things" list of sorts where I've curated my everyday items from drawing and calligraphy tools to various collections of artwork that I know will be the perfect gift for someone you know! Simply click on the pictures provided below to find shop them individually. Additionally, below each category you'll find links to shop the entire curated collection of gifts I've put together for you. Simply click the link below each category to shop the entire category.

Happy gift giving, friend! If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment here on the blog!

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From my favorite drawing paper (can't beat Bristol vellum!) to my most reliable pencils, these are my best-recommended drawing tools. You'll even find my favorite Rhodia sketchbook linked here. You'll also find my favorite practice pads, writing surfaces, and nibs that help me execute my best work when it comes to calligraphy as well as the tools I don't dare go without when I dive into a painting project. These are sure to be great gifts for the budding (and advanced) artist! Let's just say, if I got a stocking full of drawing, painting or calligraphy tools, I'd be ecstatic! ;)
Click the links below to view my full curated lists by category:


Maybe we all have a friend who loves learning something new. I'm definitely THAT friend and I'm always listening to podcasts and audiobooks as well as watching tutorials to hone my craft. I released my first-ever online course this year and it's gained a reputation for one of the best online courses for calligraphers looking to hone their skill in flourishing. If you're that friend (like me!) or you know someone like that, this course is bound to be a gift that keeps on giving.  



I was classically trained by two Italian master baristas back when I ran my own coffee cart business. Suffice it to say, I enjoy a good cup of coffee and I always have one in hand when I work in my studio. I've listed my favorite coffee-lover paraphernalia to make the perfect brew.
Find more giftable items for The Perfect Brew


Specifically curated our the JW 2019 Gift Guide, each one of these artworks has become instant classics as they are known for carrying deep messages with an extreme level of intricacy and mind-baffling design and execution.
These works deal with themes of love, hope, and peace, which are all especially suiting for this time of year. My largest works are curated here as a select few are available for grand-scale canvas reproduction (Indivisible, Consuming Fire, Crucified King, and Living Water). Each one of these works belongs to a limited edition collection, signed by Jake Weidmann and comes with a Certificate of Edition. 
Gift cards to the gallery are also available HERE


I get asked all the time, "How do I improve my handwriting?" Whether you're a beginner or a pro who just needs a refresher, here are some of the best resources to start with. I've linked Spencerian Handwriting books and as well as general handwriting books. I've also linked my go-to resources for kids since parents often ask how to get their children's cursive skills off or the right foot (err, should I say hand!?). I highly recommend the handwriting curriculum for young students from Zaner-Bloser. These books inform students on the proper letterforms using the Palmer Method.
You'll also find my affection for lettering writing included here in the gift guide. #snailmail will never be out of style for me. Employed as one of ten Master Penman in the world, I prefer pen and paper over an instant text when corresponding with my friends and family any day. If you're like me, you'll enjoy my favorite tools and papers that make letter writing all the more special.
Click below to shop my full writing collection by category:

Hummingbird Ergo Holder
**ONLY A FEW PENS REMAIN** For those who have raved about and collected my ergonomic penholders in the past will fall in love all over again with this latest design. The hummingbird's natural shape lends itself beautifully as an ergonomic penholder, I discovered, as I was toying with the idea of further developing my ergonomic design. 
Because of its whimsy and grace, the bird is the beloved icon in the lettering and calligraphic world (look no further than the traditional art of bird flourishing by Masters of old). I loved the idea of taking this idea and curating a bird into the next-level of his ergonomic penholder.

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