Lessons from Lewis: what C.S. Lewis taught me about worship, heaven, and creativity

The Untamed Lion is one of my most beloved pieces- not simply for its composition or execution but for the man it represents.

Lewis has been as a mentor to me in my own artistic process. In vivid fashion, he has shown me that place where theology and creativity converge and make for the most enthralling worship.

By his Screwtape letters he showed me how to diminish my enemies with mockery.

Through his many essays, he broke down the most puzzling queries of doctrine into simplest and beautiful of terms.

In 'The Great Divorce,' he taught me that heaven is not only something to long for but something we must eternally grow into.

'The Four Loves' hung as a garland over the threshold of Hannah’s and my relationship as we poured through it while falling madly in love.

By the 'Chronicles of Narnia,' Lewis showed me how to enter reverently into the throne room of God through that wardrobe of imagination and roll around with him playfully as Father in the land of joy and magic.

Through 'Mere Christianity' he showed me that my faith is a light by which I see everything else.

And finally, that while art is not necessary for survival, it is one of the things worth surviving for.

So, it is my hope that this piece not only inspires you in your own art but in your faith as well- that whenever you look towards our common mentor you think of how by the power of the Spirit and the Gospel that iron sharpens iron across time and into eternity.

Jack’s lessons for us are true because he looked unto that unsafe author of Truth and he beckons us to do likewise.


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These words were originally written as a letter by Jake to the collector of the original 'C.S. Lewis and the Untamed Lion' artwork. 2020.

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