Christianity Today features Master Penman Jake Weidmann discussing the theme of his life's work. 2013.


Watch the initial steps of Jake Weidmann's original piece, The Sojourner's Rose, take on another form. These wood slabs were used as table decor for the 2012 Q Conference held in Denver and later sold as a limited edition of 25. Christianity Today. 2012.


Take an intimate look at one of Jake Weidmann's most personal projects ever as he carves a six-foot set of wings from Honduran Mogohany for his bride. Filmed and produced by Luke Askelson. April 2014.


With psychological insight, the world's youngest Master Penman emphasizes the importance of handwriting in an ever-increasing technological age in his TEDx Talk. 2014. 

Jake Weidmann is curated as one of five of Coors Banquet's Modern Pioneers, showcasing his work as the preservation of a dying art form. July 2015.


The Jake Weidmann Signature Ergonomic Penholder© has taken the calligraphic pen to a whole new level. The intelligent design of this pen formulates the grip of masters with the feel of extreme comfort and the look of a modern sculpture.  2015.
Old world flair and today's latest technology collide as Master Penman Jake Weidmann helps introduce the Apple Pencil and iPadPro to the world. September 2015.

Carnivor Wine has curated a group of modern day creatives who seek to "Devour Life" in all that they pursue and I'm honored to be counted among them. These individuals thirst for the bold, the beautiful and the best that life has to offer. August 2015.

Jake Weidmann's original calligraphy piece, Crown of Script, is brought to life in this mesmerizing animation. Produced by Ryan Powell. 2016.
Jake Weidmann speaks to the Calvary South Denver community about the history of art in the Church and the importance of re-introducing art within the Church today. November 2016.
Jake Weidmann is featured on the PBS series, 'A Craftsman's Legacy' season 3: The Master Penman. January 2017.

Once again, Jake Weidmann is curated among the world's leading thinkers and pioneers of our age. He enters the EG stage in Carmel, CA and speaks  to the makings of a master. May 2016.


 Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens sits down with artist and Master Penman Jake Weidmann for an exclusive interview at the 2017 DC Fountain Pen Show. Jake specializes in artwork that incorporates calligraphy, with elaborate flourishing that adds a modern flair to classical art. September 2017.

Weidmann speaks from the pulpit at Christ Church in Wichita, KS about Reclaiming the Word of God through the Beauty and Truth of art. October 29, 2017.  

Modern American consumers want cheap goods and more, more, more. But there’s a growing revolution of craftsmen, and an appreciation for extremely well crafted, high value works made to last years, decades, and lifetimes. In this jaw-dropping TEDx talk, artist and master penman Jake Weidmann shares his art and his legacy. June 2018.


Weidmann puts a new spin on "writing an icon" in his single-line portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Watch the fascinating time-lapse progression of this piece from beginning to end. February 2019.

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