Jake Weidmann

The Sojourner's Rose

$ 227
“True the Course of Sojourner’s be, whose Bearings are Followed Faithfully”

Sailors of long ago looked to the heavens to find their way on this earth. Though the seas would churn and the winds would blow, the heavens remained their constant guide. Burning stars above would chart their course across tumultuous seas, which threatened to claim their lives. Beyond the stars sailors spoke of a greater force, which they believed kept them safe and guided them home- this was the divine.

A ‘sojourner’ is a traveler who does not stay long in any one place. Whether we are literally traveling across an open sea or simply making our way through life, we are all sojourners. So, within the center of the compass rose is a ship sailing across high seas- a reminder that life brings waves to crash against our hull and test the strength of our vessel.

Pen and Ink

Please note: 9" x 10" is an unlimited print.

Sizes larger than 9"x10" are Limited Edition of 300.

PLEASE NOTE: Artwork does NOT come framed. It must be framed by the collector upon arrival. These photos are for reference ONLY.

Jake Weidmann © 2015

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