Our Denver Staycation: Kimpton Born Hotel and Citizen Rail Dining

My wife and I and our daughter recently enjoyed a staycation in our home city of Denver. Hannah and I usually have ample opportunity to travel throughout the year, but with our little girl born in May, we have found ourselves at home adjusting to our new family routine. Needless to say, it was nice to get out of our normal scene and enjoy Denver's Union Station neighborhood while we stayed at the city's newest Kimpton Hotel Born - over my birthday weekend, no less! 

Hannah loved that our room supplied a brand-new yoga mat in promotion of health, wellness, and relaxation.

During our staycation, we enjoyed acting like tourists in our home city. We love Denver's newly renovated Union Station neighborhood. We even visited an old friend at the Crawford Hotel...
My piece, 'Indivisible' was curated as part of the Crawford Hotel's permanent art installation. You can read more about this piece in another blog post here and on the Crawford Hotel website.

We visited neighbors, Pig Train Coffee, for a before-dinner pick-me-up.

As part of our stay at the Born Hotel, we made sure to visit their accompanying restaurant, Citizen Rail. This grill-centric dining experience was unlike any we've shared together in Denver's LoDo area. 

I enjoyed a seasonal hand-crafted cocktail that tasted of smokey grilled peach. It was perfect for my late summer birthday.

Hannah sipped on a Tempranillo from '05 and claimed it a favorite.

Our appetizer of Colorado lamb tartare and smoked egg.

Our main dish came recommended by our waiter, Josh. We feasted on the Tomahawk steak. I'm drooling over this just thinking about it...

When in doubt, get the duck-fat fries...

We sampled a variety of the gluten-free desserts at CR and walked away with smiles smeared on our faces.

This is the balsamic and fig hand-made ice cream. One of our favorites.

Along with the balsamic and fig, we enjoyed bites of double dutch and honeycomb and grapefruit ice cream. Some of the most unique combos made for lasting impressions.

Above is the rice pudding brûlée paired with yet another hand-made cherry ice cream. 

The evening of amazing dining called for an extra dose of gratitude. I found myself grabbing for my pen and paper to write the chef a thank you letter... We will certainly be visiting here again soon!
We rounded out our staycation with a bike tour of the surrounding area. Hotel Born rents out bicycles which made for a fun and unique way to see our city.

Of course, we couldn't have completed our stay without checking out all the art curated at the Hotel Born. Their curation includes over 700 hundred local artists with some historical elements mixed with a contemporary feel for the overall design of the hotel. 


Thank you, Hotel Born and Citizen Rail for an unforgettable staycation with my family and for helping make my birthday extra special this year!



Iliya D Ghata
Iliya D Ghata

October 12, 2017

Ooo and happy birthday Sir, more years so I could soon meet you and learn more, and so the art can be passed on to those willing.

Iliya D Ghata
Iliya D Ghata

October 12, 2017

Sir, good evening or good day, depending on when you are reading this. I follow you because I see a connection between the ancients and the young penmen.

When I first had an interest in penmanship, it started as a deep need to change my hand writing {mine is horrible}, now in this technological age, why would a young guy like me want to change his hand writing, why not just learn to type faster and do everything on my computer. But that need was still nagging, and I think because everyone who saw mine handwriting wondered if I could actually read it.
Early, this year I began with having ideas on how to create particular kinds of pens to enhance my writing either by a smoother ink, a silk body or the texture and shape of it, as a wrote it down I forgot it, until one day I just decided to start by teaching myself cursive handwriting, after I learned that some schools pay teachers to teach students that, but now the pay is no longer the drive.
When in my deep search for more materials on cursive I learnt of Spencerian and Copperplate, and I stumbled on to your website, now at first I didn’t know who you were I just saw the excellent zebra art and red Indian art. Later my phone crashed, but thank Jesus, I got another so as I continued a new search, I saw the youngest penman Jake Weidmann, and I watched your TEDx talks at Mile High and I was amazed.
Now before today I had made up my mind that I must be a master penman because I LOVE EXPRESSING MYSELF IN WRITING, I love speaking to many, {mostly in my room, to myself}, but that still didn’t hinder me.
When I write I just say what is in my heart and I feel like I can interprets what is in another persons heart. So I made up mind to make sure that my handwriting is so good that I can write all day, just writing and writing, I wouldn’t mind rewriting out whole books and keep them in my library.
I want to be a master penman like you, its such a great honour and privilege to see you {although its no TEDx talks}.

I thought at one point that there was no one I could connect to, because all the penmen I saw were like fathers to me in age, although some of the best people to have pass on knowledge you is the aged, I still wanted to see this generation holding onto penmanship, to that I thought I would be the first but I’m glad I have and older brother.

Thank you, God bless you Sir.
How is Hannah your wife and your daughter.
I am Iliya D Ghata.

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