In a world of instant gratification, don't forget your LEGACY | My latest TEDx Talk

For those who have followed my work long enough, you may have an idea of how long it takes me to complete a single work of art. Some of my most popular artworks include, "Of Smoke and Sea" (a pencil and charcoal drawing), "His Eye is on the Sparrow," (pen and ink on vellum), "The Sojourner's Rose" (carved from mahogany and later cast in bronze), and the "Weidmann Swan" cradle that I carved for my children. (Click on hashtag links to see these as works in progress via my Instagram). 

My career as a professional artist and certified Master Penman is as unconventional as it sounds. I use age-old techniques to execute timeless art for an ever-changing modern world.

Listen to my latest TEDx Talk to hear how I've mastered my skills as an artist to secure a lasting legacy in a world that grows increasingly digital and convenience-oriented at a hurried pace.



How could I learn penman techniques? I am 57 as of yesterday, do you think it’s too late?

Patrick Arnwine December 05, 2018

I don’t comment often; but I ALWAYS seeks your posts on Instagram… Jake you are definitely one talented human being!!! The Almighty gave you a talent and you are expounding upon it—glorifying HIM in the process.

May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors!

Stephanie Legare December 05, 2018

your art and skill is spectacular , your meaning behind each piece is utterly breath taking

david johnson December 05, 2018

Your creativity and using old and new is insprring. anything with positive energy is a blessing in today’s world.
thank you

PJ December 05, 2018

Dear Mr Jake,
I liked your blog “IN A WORLD OF INSTANT GRATIFICATION, DON’T FORGET YOUR LEGACY,” I also appreciate that you use age-old techniques to execute timeless art for an ever-changing modern world. I’m sure sure you are creating an everlasting legacy as an inspiration to others. I am thrilled to see when you use the hammer and chisel like pen & ink with equal dexterity and skill. It is not surprising that people call you Master Penman.

Suggestion: It will be a great boon if you can upload small video clips of Calligraphy Lessons (How to write one letter, word and sentence at a time). Even if motivates few among younger generation, it will be a worthwhile effort. Please give it a try.

God bless you and yes, best wishes for your future enterprise.

Jayendra Pandya December 05, 2018

I love the swan cradle that you created. It is beautiful ! I love mute swans. They are so beautiful and strong. I once lived close to a lagoon and the swans and ducks came every afternoon to look for food. They got used to me and my sons run out with food and sit on the bank and feed them by hand. The babies are a dirty gray (like the ugly duckling story) we watched 7 of them grow and observed the way the parents made sure the babies were fed first, and then the mother and last the father. When other birds crowded in the father would spread his wings and he looked huge and menacing. The other birds had to wait their turn. He was majestic and protective. They say that swans rarely feed from your hand but these did. The also seemed to understand when we spoke to them. Sounds strange, but they did. When one was missing and we asked where he or she was, they went to get the one lost and came back… and it was in the middle of feeding. So it was surreal.

Bonnie Jean December 05, 2018

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