His Eye is On the Sparrow: What you didn't know about my creation process

So many of you have followed my current work-in-progress and I am so grateful for to say that it is finally complete!

'His Eye is on the Sparrow' is a hymn that is close to my heart and many of yours as well. Upon the release, I have really enjoyed hearing how this hymn has impacted you and the people you love. The soul-restoring message and the personal stories attached to this beloved song is one of the many reasons I felt called to it.

The sparrow we rescued shortly after moving into our new home-studio. After nursing him back to health, he happily flew away into the foothills. This was one of the many ways God brought this hymn to life for me personally during the process of creating this piece.

In this season of my life, I reflect on what I have learned through the long hours devoted to stippling, dot-by-single-dot, almost the entirety of this piece. (If you look up-close or have seen my progress shots, you'll notice that this artwork is made up of tiny dots to create a single image, or "stippling.") With arduously long processes like this one, I often feel unseen or forgotten by the fast-paced, quick-scrolling world we live in. But the words of this hymn remind me that I am seen, I am known, and that this work is an important one. His eye is on THIS sparrow.

The nature of my work- bringing art from concept sketch to full fruition in a finished piece- is a slow and steady- and often quiet- process. In a world that is accustomed to here, now and "I-want-it-yesterday" mentality, people lose interest in an art piece that is taking shape day-by-day, month-by-month.

We all know the wonders and woes of social media; I am thankful to have a platform to share my art and the messages within it to the world with just a click, but I am careful that I don't measure the success of my work by the number (or lack) of "likes" and comments they receive. Few people have the stamina to stick with me through months-long progress. I am reminded that the slow processes of my work is something that is truly needed - for me personally- but also for today's culture. Our fast-paced world takes a toll on our souls with little time to reflect. To ponder. Wonder. Be still.

But the thing you may not have known behind the social media sharing and the long-progress of this artwork:

I learn from the subjects of my artworks and this piece was no different. This may have been one of the most challenging artworks and most challenging seasons of my life and career as an artist thus far. While our personal and business life has been through a transitional season, my calling as an artist (and my wife's calling alongside me in this career) and our purpose in the world of art has been wildly doubted. Though I won't go into detail as to what this looked like specifically (my wife and I are still processing it for ourselves) I thought that sharing this aspect of the creation process was important as a way of possibly encouraging you, Dear Viewer, that while His eye is on THIS sparrow, His eye is on YOU.

Doubt, fear, fatigue and anxiety were battled throughout the creation process of this artwork. And though these struggles have been very real, the reality of His steadfast faithfulness has outdone the former. 

For those of you who have stayed with me for the long haul on this particular piece, and my past work, thank you. Thank you for your patience and grace; for your value in the True and Beautiful; for your understanding of legacy and lasting power, and most of all, for your prayers and encouragement.


What is the thing that draws you to this piece? I'd love to hear how this artwork speaks to you and what you think of when you reflect on the hymn.


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Watch the video of my full explanation of this piece here.


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