Jake Weidmann Artist and Master Penman


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Amongst the great lessons they teach, trees demonstrate the beauty of resilience. They do no resist wind but gracefully bend with it, causing their root systems to grow deeper, which give support as the tree grows taller.

If trees could talk, would we hear them banter and curse the winds that blow against them? Instead, we find that trees dance in the face of strong winds. After all, the winds are what help it to grow to new heights. And it's true for us, too, that when we grow deep, we can stand tall.

At the start of 2020, Weidmann releases an all-new piece in his signature style using the simple but powerful tools of pen and ink. Capturing the word "Resilience" across the page, a weathered far-reaching tree with life-giving roots becomes the symbol of growing amidst difficulty. Though as challenging as they may be, the strong winds that break across our branches will be what form the strong roots that keep us grounded.  

So, no matter what lies ahead this year, may you have joy in the happy surprises and steady resilience to meet the strong winds ahead. Strong Winds. Deep Roots. 

Pen and Ink on fine art paper. 2020.

Available in two sizes.

Unlimited size 11" x 14" (comes signed, not numbered)

Limited Edition size 20" x 24" (comes signed and numbered with Certificate of Edition) | Only 200 available.

Copyright Jake Weidmann © 2020.

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