Jake Weidmann Artist and Master Penman

Reflected Beauty

$ 350 $ 375

"Art is not the origin but the reflection of Beauty."

Using one of his most beloved subjects, Weidmann portrays a graceful swan in his signature mix of realism and calligraphic strokes, using both artforms to empower one another. The swan itself has long been a symbol of beauty, giving life to Weidmann's truthful and poetical phrase penned in Spencerian script. This line of poetry is the trail of rippling waters, creating the subtle visual transition between the floating swan and her flourishing reflection.

Weidmann is a strong advocate that artists do not create beauty but that they merely mimic it, reflecting it in their hands. This piece challenges the viewer and artists alike to meditate on the true origin of Beauty.

Limited Edition of 50.

This artwork uses white ink on black fine art paper as well as colored pencil and airbrush.

Please note that each reproduction includes a 2-inch border around all sides of the artwork to compensate for proper framing.

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