Jake Weidmann

The Write Direction

$ 150 $ 175

This work features the familiar, highly-detailed style you have come to know in Jake's collectible works. Demonstrated in this piece is a compass rose designed with the writer in mind: calligraphy and fountain pens alike comprise the points of this compass and the charge adorning the perimeter of the design directs the lost writer in a most poetical way...

"When you are lost amid dreams and thoughts, 

When feelings fail you and hope departs,

Take the course that is tried and true; 

Follow the pen --

Write where it leads you."

Words composed by Jake Weidmann.

Interesting fact: the poetical phrase comprises of 32 words; a traditional compass rose has 32 points. Consider each word of this phrase a point on the Writer's Compass, directing them through the fog of their writer's block!

Pen and Ink (executed using a hand-dip calligraphy pen) 2019.

Reproduced with archival inks on fine art paper. Professionally color-matched to the original.

Limited and Unlimited series available for collection: 

10" x 10" unlimited series | Signed by artist.

20" x 20" limited edition series of 200 | Signed and numbered by artist and comes with a Certificate of Edition.

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