Jake Weidmann

Hummingbird | Ergonomic Penholder | Pearl

$ 350

The latest from Weidmann's pen studio is an original spin on his JW Signature Ergonomic Oblique Penholder© -- Introducing the JW Hummingbird Ergonomic Oblique© 

For those who have raved about and collected Weidmann's ergonomic penholders in the past will fall in love all over again with his latest design. The hummingbird's natural shape lends itself beautifully as an ergonomic penholder, Weidmann discovered, as he was toying with the idea of further developing his masterful ergonomic design. 

Because of its whimsy and grace, the bird is the beloved icon in the lettering and calligraphic world (look no further than the traditional art of bird flourishing by Masters of old). Weidmann loved the idea of taking this idea and curating a bird into the next-level of his ergonomic penholder.

A few favorite features of this design:

-The wings of the pen create a natural "prop," ideal for keeping wet nibs off your writing surface.
-The natural curves of the body and neck of the pen keep this pen smooth and perfect for holding and cradling in the hand while writing.
-The grip is Weidmann's original ergonomic design; perfect for long hours of writing and makes for the ideal go-to pen for any and all projects. 
-The flange is designed to fit almost all nib sizes. Unless you favor a very small nib, this flange is already adjusted for you and your writing preferences. Plus, the hand-engraving of the tiny hummingbird and flourishes florals on each flange make for the perfect finishing detail. (All engraving executed by Weidmann, of course.)
- The overall size of the pen makes it an ideal writing tool for almost any hand. Small, large, or somewhere in between, this pen should fit comfortably for most writers. 
-Measures (from end tip to flange): 5.5 inches long


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