Jake Weidmann Artist and Master Penman

Genesis | Bible Book Project

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Genesis, a bible book depicted in Weidmann's recognizable style, is now available as a limited edition artwork. Only 18 are available to collect!

Ancient Hebrew, the language in which, "In the beginning," was first transcribed by Moses, as commanded by God, is written on the scroll outstretched across the globe held by two trees. Though both portrayed in beauty, these trees are the difference between life and death: the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil and the Tree of Life; the context in which we view the tilting world below.

We mark these trees by their surrounding symbols: a forever-cursed creature creeps stealthily at one. The other bares the burden only God could overcome: the mark of a cross in the shadings of the bark. The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus are foretold on the Tree of Life. With penitence, we bear witness to the revelation of His sacrificial love- the Son of God slain by His own hands on a cross- laid in the foundation, the very heart of Creation.

The unfathomable depths of a star-studded sky lights the darkness, giving number to the sons of Abraham. Perched above, a white dove rests her weary wings after circumventing a watery globe, clasping to the olive branch: the fury of God withheld and His grace poured out upon the remnants of the earth. These are promises of life, and life abundant.

The gold acanthus leaf of Genesis illuminates the glory of heaven and establishes God's kingdom on Earth while pointing to ongoing friendship: the divine intention of God toward man. Backlit by shades of red, the blood of Christ is again foretold, through which the broken relationship between God and man would ultimately be restored.

Falling in line with ancient traditions, Weidmann originally executed this design on calfskin vellum; stretching and mounting the skin by hand, employing old world techniques. The artist chooses all archival materials-oil paints, gouache, and 24k gold- to preserve the vibrancy of this design for ages to come. 

The reproduction artwork is color-matched to the original. Reproduced on fine art paper using archival inks.

Each artwork is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of edition.

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