Jake Weidmann Artist and Master Penman

Fidelity Bound

$ 240 $ 500


In Weidmann's widely recognized and acclaimed style, his latest work-in-progress displays two trumpeter swans bound to one another in their flourishes. Featured in Carnivor Wines' 2017 'Devour Life' campaign, we anticipate this piece - Weidmann's largest oil painting to date - to be a wild success. 

Swans, known for their fierce fidelity, are positioned here in their protective stance at one another's back. These two trumpeter swans represent a fierce, protective love that is exceedingly rare in our world today.

Join us in this milestone of Weidmann's career and collect your limited edition today at our lowest available collection price for this artwork in the 16.5" X 24" size. As this limited edition sells out, the price will continue to increase.

Limited Edition of 200 for 16.5" x 24"

Limited Edition of 10 for 33" x 48" is a fixed price.

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