Weidmann Rose

Jake Weidmann's "Sojourner's Rose" has evolved over the years from a conceptual sketch to a permanent design executed in ink on calfskin vellum, to a 40-inch by 46-inch  mahogany carving, hand-carved by the multi-talented artist. This piece will now go through another phase in the form of a bronze limited edition. 

These bronze limited edition pieces are currently in production. We are taking collector inquiries now at their lowest price. For more detailed information, please email hannah@jakeweidmann.com

The first bronze reproduction in the limited edition series. 40" x 46". 2016.

A close-up shot of the first bronze "Sojourner's Rose."

For more on the story of the story and meaning of the "Sojourner's Rose," read our narrative blog post here and find the collectible pen and ink series available here.


Watch the original "Sojourner's Rose" pen and ink creation process above. After final execution, the design was reproduced on 25 wood slabs that were commissioned by the Q Conference in 2012, held in Denver that year. These wood slabs served as part of the decor for the conference. Jake was invited as a speaker for the 2012 event on which he spoke of the story and signifigance of his redesigned compass rose.


The original "Sojourner's Rose" executed on calfskin vellum. 15" x 17". 2012.

A comparison between the two originals. Left: calfskin vellum. Right: mahogany wood carving

The original wood carving "Sojourner's Rose." 40" x 46". Commissioned. 2013.


Please contact hannah@jakeweidmann for collector inquiries.