Jake Weidmann

Humming a Love Song

$ 600 $ 650



The hummingbird is romanticized in this dynamic design as it pays tribute to the vintage technique of calligraphic off-hand flourishing. Like the hummingbird, the power of the message is in its details. The entanglement of line work speaks to the essence of love in combining two separate bodies, male and female, as a unified whole. Small imperfections grafted into the symmetry establish its own perfection. 

Acrylic, gouache, and ink.

Please note: Limited Edition of 200 for sizes larger than 9"x12"

 9" x 12" is an unlimited edition.

32" x 40" size is published on-demand.

PLEASE NOTE: Artwork does not come framed. All artwork must be framed by the collector upon arrival. Photos of framed art are for reference only. This framed version seen in product video is the original and measures at the 32" x 40" size.

Questions about this piece? Email Hannah@JakeWeidmann.com

Jake Weidmann © 2021

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