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The face of Arapaho tribal leader, Anon Soldier Wolf, and the words of his headdress tell the story of every wise man’s musings.

Weidmann has had the unique honor of visiting the Wind River Indian Reservation near Riverton, Wyoming where he was able to connect with the people of the Northern Arapaho tribe. His experience there inspired him to create a piece that pays homage to the Arapaho warrior way of life.

Words by Eleanor Perry-Smith are as feathers in this proud headdress, adorning the warrior’s head as plumes of fruitful thought – He is a worthy steward.



 "Is man a place of open plains,

Is he a speck on coat of fur,

Is he a dormant rattlesnake,

Is he a yell or just a whisper?


Is man a stone to cast aside,

Is he a road to tread upon,

Is he a jar where soul abides,

Is he a shadow in the sun?


Is man the sprawling Aspen root,

Is he the floating seed of weeds,

Is he the warm wind of the west,

Is he the frigid of the east?


Is man a battle or a cycle,

Is he a bird without a perch,

Is he doomed to fly in circles,

Is he a worthy steward?"


For more on Eleanor Perry-Smith and her writing, please visit http://www.ep-s.com/

Colored pencil, pen and ink
Limited Edition of 300

Jake Weidmann © 2015

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