Tools of the Trade: Calligraphy (with shoppable links)

Hey, Everyone! It's been a while since I featured my favorite tools of my trade(s). I wrote a blog several years ago now about the various tools I use for calligraphy and it has been my #2 read blog (my #1 blog post is the one I shared about my story of becoming an artist.)

I get asked on a DAILY basis about what I use. So, I thought it was time to share with you an updated blog for this same topic with shoppable links to my favorite go-to's (disclaimer: Amazon reached out to me to share my favorite products in my own online storefront, so all items can be purchased there).

While not all my favorite calligraphy tools are available on Amazon, I was amazed at just how many of them are! So, if you have questions that aren't answered in my storefront, shoot me a message or comment here and I'll be happy to share with you more info. 

Get ready for my best-recommended papers, writing surfaces, and even a few beginner "pen pointers." (Sorry, calligraphy humor!)

Shop Jake's Calligraphy Tools.


I am interested to know what you use the toothpaste for that appears on the Amazon page.
Apart from the obvious, of course!

Warren Naseby November 04, 2019

Looking for information on the aluminum ink well you have in the photo, how much does it hold and does it react to inks? Are they for sale? Thanks John Neste

john neste March 13, 2019

I was wondering if you know where I can take classes for beginning calligraphy in Southern California. Thank you for your time
Denise Rountree

Denise Rountree March 13, 2019

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