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I am a professional artist and certified Master Penman who lives and works in Denver, Colorado. I received my Master Penman certificate through The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) in July of 2011. I work across numerous mediums in art and calligraphy and I am most well-known for my use of flourishing and hand lettering in the context of my art pieces.


Indivisible Individuals

October 27, 2015

            Ever wonder why zebras have stripes? This question baffled biologists for years. Stark against their surroundings, zebras’ stripes stand out to its lion predator who sees only in black and white. It’s unlikely that the zebra would ever find protection from skirting dangers like these, unless, of course, he’s sticking with his herd.             When I began to contemplate the idea of designing a flourished horse, I realized that God already did. Thus my research of zebras ensued after deciding I would depict God’s flourished horse and the message in the mystery of their stripes.             Alone, the zebra stands out, vulnerable to a deadly chase....

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The Pen of Ages

September 23, 2015

  During the Golden Age of Penmanship (1860-1930) masters and teachers of this art recognized that before one can effectively put pen to paper, they must first learn how to properly put hand to pen. The proper pen grip, posture and technique were vital to the success of all penman. In fact, many devises were put in place to ensure the correctness of these factors, some of which are uncomfortable to even look at. Uncomfortable though they were, they ensured proper form and function of the hand and posture overall with the promise of beautiful execution. Studying the history of proper pen grip, I thought to myself, ‘there must be a better way,’ and thus, my dedication to improvement began....

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