Well-Digger's Son

The words of storyteller, Ray Hughes, are adorned in Weidmann's signature intricacies, coming together in one of the greatest artistic collaborations and affinities of our time. Both masters of their craft, Hughes and Weidmann, found common ground as they share a language of ancient times. They live today as if they lived for hundreds of years. Harkening to the simplicity of a different age, both men lead lives of powerful generational impact. 

This piece captures Hughe's mission and ministry in his poetic nature, and reads, 

"I am a Well Digger's Son. When I was a boy, I once looked into an old well and saw the sky. I have been looking for Heaven in old wells ever since."

For anyone with a love for words, this one is sure to be a must-have from the Jake Weidmann collection. 

Find more about the storytelling and musical talent of Ray Hughes at http://www.rayhughes.org/


Limited Edition of 200.

Please Note: First 50 prints will be sold at $89.00. As the Limited Edition sells out, the price will increase.

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