Makers and Mystics Art as Incarnation

This episode is the third release from the Makers and Mystics LIVE series. This conversation comes to you from Denver, Colorado and highlights a panel discussion on Art As Incarnation. You’ll hear from a diverse panel of voices including Master Penman, Jake Weidmann, Graphic Novelist, R. Alan Brooks and Printmaker, Kim Morski.

Calligraphy Podcast An interview with Jake Weidmann

Today, we welcome IAMPETH Master Penman Jake Weidmann on the show. Join us as Jake shares about his calligraphy journey, his favorite condiments and advice for calligraphers of all levels.

Instrumental with JJ Heller Jake's Becoming Story

There are only nine master penman in the world to date. Jake Weidmann is the youngest. His devotion to his craft is only outpaced by his devotion to his faith and family. Of course, his journey was anything but a straight line to success. I know you will love hearing his story.

Paterson Podcast Murmurs of Your Heart

When Jake Weidmann puts his calligraphy pen to paper, there is an immediate connection between his heart and his hand. As Jake explains, the calligraphy pen is so sensitive to pressure and force, that it literally picks up the heartbeat of the one holding it; the murmurings and tremors of the heart show up in the pressure and flow of the pen on the paper. As a master penman (one of only 9 in the world and the youngest by a few decades), Jake brings his heart and theology to every piece he creates. In our latest Podcast episode, we sit down with Jake to talk about art, theology, and the creative process.


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