Does Jake do commission artwork?

If you would like to commission Jake in the future, please see the following information. Because of the demand of his time, Jake Weidmann has certain requirements that the commission must meet:

  • The commission must meet a $15,000 minimum.
  • Weidmann will not duplicate the work of another artist.
  • Weidmann does not take on wedding-related commission work.
  • Jake Weidmann, Inc. retains all copyrights of reproducible pieces.
  • Weidmann holds first right of refusal of the commission even if it meets all other requirements.
  • The specific terms of all commission work will be ultimately defined within a legally binding contract.
  • Your request must give Jake ample time to fulfill. Please give us plenty of time to consider your request (at least a 3 month minimum in advance). 

If your commission meets all the above requirements, please send further inquiry to

Please note: Jake Weidmann's commission schedule is full and will not consider further commission work until August 2021.