Occasionally, there is a fellow influencer, blogger or company that aligns with my personal brand.  Before you reach out, please read the guidelines below to ensure our collaboration(s) will be mutually beneficial:

  • Must have around 10,000+ followers.  Note: followers must be legitimate and cannot be paid for. 
  • Must tag @jakeweidmann
  • Must have at least 10,000 subscribers.  Please include a link to your blog.
  • When posting, you must provide art/photo credit to Jake Weidmann
  • BEFORE posting, please send any and all drafts of your post to hannah@jakeweidmann.com to be sure all information shared is credible and accurate. 
  • Must include a hyperlink to our website and correctly tag art piece so your subscribers can easily find it (the specific piece) on the JW online gallery/ website.
  • Must provide a link of your post so we can promote it on our and social media platforms. 

Any new content/photos shared, you consent to Jake Weidmann, Inc. regramming and reusing these photos and content on our social media platforms and website at will.  We will tag you in all photos/posts.


If your request requires ample time to produce an original work of art and or video, your work most likely falls under the commission guidelines. Please view these here.

If you can meet the above requirements or you have further questions about a collaboration with Jake Weidmann (JW Inc.), please fill out the contact form  for more information.