OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You cannot honor the past by repeating it. Instead, you honor the past by giving it life and new relevance in a modern age. Thus, I strive to honor the past by giving life to ancient art forms and relevance to classic themes. My style is marked by the mixture of numerous traditional mediums within individual pieces in order to create a different experience than anything the viewer has yet seen. In order to accomplish this, I have had to train myself to work proficiently in several disciplines of art such as painting, drawing, calligraphy and sculpture. Working with such a wide range of mediums, I have created a diverse collection of art pieces, which compliment each other across dimension and substance through the common hand by which they were manifested. My intention as an artist is to convey a profound truth through the power of beauty. Through such a process, I wish to invoke a reaction in the viewer that is longer lasting than the art itself. I would love for you to take part in what I do and become a viewer of the work I create. The greatest way to stay connected to me and my work is through my blog (found in the Journal tab here on my site). Through my blog, I share my latest works-in-progress, my inspirations, the unique traveling opportunities I encounter through my work, and the stories/message behind each piece that I create. My wife, Hannah, is featured on my blog.  As a passionate word-smith and lover of language, she is able to share with you the unique perspective of what I do (and what we do) as she is the most intimate observer and receiver of my art. The blog is also a look into our collaboration as artists and husband and wife. I invite you to  subscribe to our weekly posts by clicking on the Join tab at the top of this page.