Jake Weidmann

Antler Carving | ORIGINAL

$ 21,000

The latest from Weidmann's studio comes an original moose antler carved entirely by hand. With over 150+ hours of intense, detail-driven carving, this antler proves that something can be both strong and beautiful.

Moose antler is the hardest bone in the world. With this knowledge, Weidmann desired to show another side to this natural material by giving it new life in the way of flowing Rococo style vine work and blossoming floral elements.

A custom, handcrafted base made from furniture-grade Mahogany boasts of subtle chatoyance, or bands of light, within the woodgrain. This custom base showcases the antler in all of its detail. Pins carefully placed from the underside of the base display the antler upright.

Viewers, please noteThis antler was naturally shed. No harm was done to the moose to retrieve this antler. Fun fact: Moose shed their antlers each autumn/winter, regrowing them annually.


This piece measures 33.5 inches tall (from the bottom of base to top of the highest tine). The width measures 25.5 inches (from the furthest outstretched tine to the opposite end of the base). The depth measures 18 inches (furthest back portion of antler to the front of the base).

Every detail of this original artwork was meticulously crafted by hand in Jake Weidmann's Colorado studio. 


Have questions about this auction/auction item? Please email hannah@jakeweidmann.com 

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