Jake Weidmann Artist and Master Penman

The Art of Flourishing

$ 125 $ 150

The art of flourishing is one that is not only prevalent in the world of calligraphy but in our everyday lives. Weidmann yearns to bring forth the idea that "flourishing" is an art form that is taken beyond pen and ink: this is a way of life! 

Created originally for his online class, The Fundamentals of Flourishing (available to students beginning summer 2019), Weidmann wanted to make it available to his following so that, despite whether or not they partook in his flourishing course, anyone could have access to this idea of flourishing and that it might encourage them to thrive in any and all areas of their life. 

What are the ways you're flourishing? Collect this unlimited edition artwork for your studio, home, or office to remind you that YOU were made to FLOURISH.

Pen and ink on fine art paper.


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